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Income & estate tax planning

You may need to call Donohue, O'Connell & Riley if your taxable income is too high and you need to reduce your taxes.

Working together with our clients, we work to structure both their business and personal affairs to minimize taxes both during their life as well as after their death. 

Our professional income and estate tax planning services help to guide individuals and business owners with both limited assets as well as those with considerable assets.  We also provide specialized services aiding clients with:

  • International estate and tax planning
  • Business Succession and Complex Estate planning
  • Charitable legacy planning
  • International estate and tax planning

We have helped many clients with assets in multiple states, as well as overseas. Having studied, lived and worked in half a dozen foreign jurisdictions, we have contacts with a vast network of international counsel whose expertise can be brought to bear on matters as needed. From Costa Rica to Copenhagen, Grenada to Great Britain, and Ireland to Auckland, we have helped clients overseas come into compliance with US tax laws and avoid stiff overseas inheritance taxes.

  • Business Succession and Complex Estate planning

For many clients, their legacy lives on for generations in the form of a carefully planned distribution of assets over time, or in the form of a family business that is passed down for generations.  

Careful consideration and sensitivity needs to be given to family dynamics, different interests and abilities.  Additionally, there are complexities brought about by the ownership structure of businesses, commercial real estate, and vacation homes in far-flung jurisdictions.  

  • Charitable legacy planning

For many of our clients, the sweetest fruit of a successful life in the business world is the opportunity to give back to the institutions and individuals they care most about.  

From funding a scholarship plan at their alma mater, to providing for those less fortunate, or helping a local hospital to stay in business, we can help clients structure a charitable legacy plan that delivers the maximum benefit per charitable dollar spent.  

Combined with careful income and estate tax planning, we have helped clients magnify their charitable legacy more than tenfold, all while increasing their discretionary income in the process.



First and foremost, we are a team of problem solvers helping individuals and businesses address their legal needs.