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You’ve worked hard to build a successful life.  

Donohue, O'Connell & Riley is ready to begin building a long term relationship with you to ensure that any pressing legal issues are solved and your concerns about the future are put to rest.

Our multi-disciplinary law firm has offices in New York, New Hampshire and New Jersey.  Together, we work as a team of problem solvers to help individuals and businesses throughout multiple states find the most sensible and cost-effective solutions to their legal needs.

Through our straightforward approach, we provide excellent service to our clients by focusing on strategic thinking and providing practical solutions to even the most complex legal problems.

Our process is to listen to our clients’ concerns, work together as a team to think through a workable solution. In the end, we are able to guide our clients to cost-effective plans and build the kind of trusting relationships that last for many years.

Areas of Practice



A common misconception is that trusts are only for the wealthy.  Trusts come in as many varieties as there are colors of the rainbow, and they can serve multiple purposes.  

In our practice, we draft most of our trust agreements as part of an elder law asset protection plan for middle-class clients.  Other types of trusts can help high net worth clients save on income and estate taxes.  

Our New Hampshire practice focuses on relocating assets from high tax jurisdictions into New Hampshire's favorable tax climate, which imposes no income, sales or estate taxes.  

Call us for a complementary consultation to see how trusts can be used to benefit you and your family.

Elder Law


Working together with our clients, we work to structure both their business and personal affairs to minimize taxes both during their life as well as after their death. 

Our professional income and estate tax planning services help to guide individuals and business owners with both limited assets as well as those with considerable assets.  We also provide specialized services aiding clients with:

  • International estate and tax planning
  • Business Succession and Complex Estate planning
  • Charitable legacy planning

Business Law


We help clients with high-end residences and corporate real estate to structure their affairs in the most tax-efficient manner possible.

Rather than viewing a real estate purchase or disposition as a simple transaction, we help clients identify tax-saving measures and appropriate legal structures for protecting their hard-earned wealth.


No matter what your net worth, a will is the cornerstone of any estate plan.  A will appoints such important figures as executors and guardians for minor children or those with disabilities.  

Without a will, you risk costly court proceedings and judicial intervention into your family's private life.  

Without a will, your assets will be transferred according to strict rules of law rather than your personal wishes.  

For a relatively small cost, a will can accomplish a great deal, particularly for a young family without a lot of assets that may need to direct substantial sums to spouses or children, such as the proceeds from life insurance benefits or a personal injury award from a fatal accident.


Elder Law

Though many fear being hit by a bus or dying suddenly from a heart attack or a car crash, statistics tell us that most of our clients will die from chronic illness later in life.   Being prepared for the inevitable process of aging takes careful consideration of financial and legal factors.

For many, the estate planning process is about death and dying.  With our combined years of experience, the attorneys at Donohue, O'Connell & Riley have come to realize that, now more than ever, estate planning is about planning for life and the various hurdles that aging can present to us which is why one of our focuses has become Elder Law.

Working together with our clients' financial advisors, insurance agents, and accountants, we come up with individually-tailored plans that allow our clients to age with grace, dignity, and the assurance that their assets will not be confiscated for the cost of their long term care.

Estate Planning


First and foremost, we are a team of problem solvers helping individuals and businesses address their legal needs. We take a very simple approach with all of our clients, focusing on guidance, strategic thinking, and cost-effective solutions. Since our beginning, our experience and high levels of committed service have helped our clients find practical solutions to some of the most complex legal problems facing them.

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